Old family photographs contain important connections to the past, memories of loved and cherished events and individuals, and the visualization of a family legacy. These old photographs are difficult to store and maintain in their original forms, whether that be negatives or prints; light, heat, and humidity, as well as friendly and not-so-friendly creatures, are all responsible for the ongoing deterioration and decay of these photographs. I can help. I can bring an old photograph or negative into the digital world, where it can be maintained and passed down to future generations as an heirloom. In many cases I can bring a photograph completely back to its original glory; in some cases damage will prevent getting that far. But in all cases, we will have something worth keeping and attaching family stories to for our own time as well as for the generations who come after us.

Once we have a digital version of a photograph, we can reprint it, or we can put it within the stream of digital images we create for our own time everyday; they can be shown and featured on our tablets and phones, as well as on social media for our family and extended family to enjoy and remember.

Broken Frame, Scratches, Bends, Creases

This family heirloom was found in a frame, but the glass had been partially broken. The print had obviously been framed before and had been bent and creased over time and handling. Lots of little sections of the image had been scraped off or perhaps flaked off in the heat.

Boy On Pony

Ravages of Time

A relatively simple restoration where the photograph is not particularly damaged, but it had faded with time and needed a new frame.

Wedding Aisle

Water Damage

Even if the photograph is recent, it can still be damaged by water, mishandling or heat. In this case, the canvas was on a wall that was severely water damaged, and the water seeped into the back of the canvas, eventually resulting in mold and destruction along its path.

Four Daughters