2018 - a New Year, a New Blog

My effort in 2017 to create a single, interesting photograph every day seems to be reasonably successful, so I thought I do it again here in 2018. I'm going to post the photos in a blog format this time, making it easier to see the last few, and perhaps harder to see them all at once.

My thoughts are about the same as last year, although I didn't write all these down at the start:

  1. The photograph has to be made that day.
  2. It doesn't have to be perfect, or even of portfolio quality.
  3. It should be intentional. I don't really want a photo that lands at my feet, I'd rather actually make it with something in mind.
  4. It can be of anything, although if I had my druthers it would be of a person or a few people.
  5. It would be cool if the making of the photographic image advanced my expertise in a technique or gave me a new capability. I want to push myself to try new things.

So, here goes with a new year!